Tork Kratos R Electric Bike features, Price and charging cost! Latest Update 2024:-

Tork Kratos R Electric Bike features:


At present, many big renowned bike manufacturing companies like Harley, Hero, Tata motors, BMW etc. have banned this bike by the governments of many countries due to the rising prices of diesel petrol and the damage it causes to the environment. Due to restrictions on these types of vehicles, now electric bikes have started being produced in large quantities and due to the rapid increase in the craze of electric bikes in the present time, people are also buying them in large quantities so that the customers can save money from diesel petrol.

Due to the increasing rates and restrictions being imposed on them by the government, people are now buying electric bikes due to huge discounts on them and many facilities provided by the government, the craze of which is increasing in just one year. It is touching heights from 1000 to 2000 and its graph is also going upwards rapidly, hence many experts believe that in the coming decade, you will be able to see hundred percent electric bikes in place of diesel petrol bikes.

Kratos company has launched its best-range electric bike Tork Kratos R model till date in the market. In this extremely attractive and range-providing electric bike, you get to see all the advanced features that provide you with excellent accelerating power as well as excellent driving and excellent performance.

If we talk about the features of Tork Kratos R electric bike, then in this very beautifully designed electric bike, you get to see a nominal motor of 4kw with pickup power of 9000 Wt and continuous power of 7500Wt, which provides torque of 38 Nm. In this very luxurious and modern feature-equipped electric bike, you get to see 4.2 kWh battery pack a Lithium Ion battery which gets fully charged in just 6 to 7 hours. Once fully charged, this Tork Kratos R Electric Bike gives you an excellent range of up to 180 kilometers with a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour.




If we talk about the advanced features of Tork Kratos R Electric Bike, then you get to see better connectivity system in it in which you get modern technology provided by the company like Bluetooth, GPS, Remote Charge Status Feature, Right Analytics Feature, Track Mode Analytics Feature, Smart Analytics Features. Along with this, in this great electric bike, you get to see dis braking system in both the front and rear wheels, while both the front and back wheels installed in it are equipped with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres, which will give you a smooth ride. Bars completely provide relief from the problem of bike puncture.

If we talk about the weight of this Tork Kratos R Electric Bike, its total weight is 140 kg, while its capacity can easily carry a weight of up to 250 kg, while if we talk about the length of the seats installed in it, then the total height of the seat is The ground clearance is 798 mm and the same ground clearance is kept at 165 mm. Overall its length is 1960 mm. In this very spectacular and attractive electric bike, you get to see the best LED lighting system which provides you with excellent lighting at night as well as the bike. It is attached with great features like turn-by-turn and turn indicators.


The Tork Kratos R electric bike Price/Cost :-

The Tork Kratos R electric bike comes in the marcket with two main variants with different prices 1- Kratos R Urban and 2- Kratos R Standard model.

Kratos R Urban: This model starting price at Rupees 1,67,499 (ex-showroom). This price includes the subsidy by the company of Rs. 22,500.
Kratos R Standard: This top variant Tork Kratos R Electrctric bike is price start with Rupees 1,87,499 (ex-showroom). This Top model price also includes the subsidy by the company of Rs 22,500.

The Tork Kratos R electric bike Charging cost:

Tork Cratos Electric Bike Charger Features


Tork Kratos R electric bike fully attached with Lithium-ion battery pack. The Tork Kratos R has a 4.2 kWh battery pack who charged in 5-6 hours 0-100% Fully. Assuming a charging efficiency of 90%, around 3.78 kWh of energy will be used for charging. The average electricity cost in India varies by state. In Delhi, the average cost per unit is around ₹9.50/kWh. So the average charging cost will be come around 38 Rupees to 45 Rupees Single charged.

Charge Level in % Energy Consumed in (kWh) Electricity Cost in (Rupees)
0% – 25% 0.945 8.98
0% – 50% 1.890 17.91
0% – 75% 2.835 26.84
0% – 100% 3.780 35.76
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