Tata Altroz Electric Car Features, Price and Charging Cost:-

Tata Altroz Electric Car Features:-

The prototype version of Tata Altroz electric model has recently been launched by Tata company, in which you get to see all the features which give you excellent driving as well as excellent riding experience. In this car with a very attractive design and a very affordable price, you get to see the best quality electric motor of 74 bhp which generates a torque of 170 Nm. At the same time, you have been given the best quality battery of 26kWh (kilowatt) which takes only 8 hours to be fully charged from(0-100%) zero to hundred percent.

Once fully charged, the Tata Altroz Electric Car offers an excellent range of up to 306 kilometers. For safety, in this well-designed car presented by the Tata company, you have been provided with two very good quality air bags which provide excellent safety in times of any difficulty. Along with this, for safety purpose, you get to see excellent advanced features like ABS and EDB in this car which play a very important role in stability and control. Along with this, you get to see dual ultra slim LED headlamps in this Altroz Electric Car which provides better visibility while driving the car at night and the facility to turn the car.

A 7-inch infotainment touch screen system has been attached to Tata Altroz Electric Car, which you can easily operate with Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity. Along with this, in this excellent very low priced car, you get to see great features like a fully digital instrument cluster system, cruise control system, range sensing wipers, automatic headlamps, push button start/stop, and automatic climate control.

Tata Altroz Ev Car Launch date




Best Colors Option:-

Tata company has just launched its Tata Altroz electric car in Steel Blue color, which is the best color among the highlighted colors of modern times and gives you a very attractive look, along with being eco-friendly. Running fast on the roads gives this electric car a different identity and look. In the coming time, you will get to see more color options of this Tata Altroz electric car from the Tata company, in which you can buy this electric Tata Altroz car with great color options like Cosmic Black, Sparkling Silver and Native White and Granite Grey. You can bring it to your home.





Tata Altroz Electric Car Launching Date:-

At present, only the prototype weight of Tata Altroz Electric Car has been shown by the Tata company, whereas if we talk about the launch date of this excellent low-cost car equipped with advanced features, then the weight of the Tata Altroz Electric Car has been shown by the Tata company. But no fixed launch date has been announced, while some (Auto-Expo) experts believe that this very low priced car in the common people’s range is likely to be launched by January 2025.



Tata Altroz Electric Car Price:-

In Tata Altroz Electric Car, every possible effort has been made by the Tata company to make this car the best with all those features and advanced features in which you will get to see all those features which you will get in the best quality electric car of modern times. Can be seen in tax. The expected prices of Tata Altroz currently start from Rs 12 lakh to Rs 15 lakh, but its fixed price has not been announced yet.


Tata Altroz Electric Car charging cost:

Tata Altroz Ev car comes with best features and 26 kWh battery pack. So this Tata Altroz Ev car charging cost depend the Electricity per kWh. In the present time In India average Electricity cost around 7.50 Rupees per Kilowatt, The company provide 3 types of charger system, (Home Charger (AC), DC Charger (50 kW) and Fast DC Charger (100 kW). So The Tata Altroz battery 0-100% full charging cost should be come around 195 Rs to 750 Rupees from the types of Charger quality.

For the more information see the below Charging Cost Table:-

Types of Charger  Approx. Charging Time Charging Cost  in Rupees
Home Charger (AC)  8 hours  195 Rupees
Fast DC Charger (50 kW)  60 minutes  375 Rupees
Fast DC Charger (100 kW)  30 minutes  750 Rupees


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