BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Features Price and Charging Cost ! 2024 Latest Update:-

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Features :-

At present, due to the rising prices of diesel petrol, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing day by day, in view of which many big electric vehicle manufacturing companies like BMW, Audi Tesla, Honda, Tata, Hyundai, Hero Motors, BYD, etc. Along with big electric companies, many other electric vehicle manufacturing companies are currently manufacturing many new modern model electric cars, scooters, bikes and their demand is also increasing rapidly day by day because on one hand diesel In comparison to petrol, the daily charging cost of electric vehicles is very low. Electric is also environment friendly in many ways, on which many types of discounts are being given to the people by the governments of many countries, due to which electric vehicles are becoming more popular. The craze of vehicles and its graph is increasing rapidly day by day.

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Features and Specification:

In view of these facts, recently BMW company has launched its new BMW CE02 Electric Scooter equipped with very advanced features in the market, whose price and its advanced features are being liked by the people and this electric scooter is making waves in the market. Is being seen in.

In BMW CE02 Electric Scooter, excellent advanced features have been added by BMW company in which you get to see an excellent power supported motor of 14 horse power and 43 lbft torque which provides a top speed of 55 mph.

If we talk about the other features of this fantastic electric scooter which was recently displayed by the BMW company in one of its expo showrooms, then in it you get to see a dual lithium ion battery of 2kWh power, which is only 85% charged from a fast DC charger. It can be fully charged from 20 to 80 per cent in minutes, offers the option of both single and double battery setups, and offers an excellent range of up to 90 kilometers on a single charge. Along with this, this new electric scooter of BMW has been equipped with advanced features like call connectivity as well as music connectivity and navigation to provide you better connectivity from the BMW company. Apart from this, it is fully equipped with technology like reverse gear feature as well as advanced features like antilog braking system and tracking control as well as USB charging portal.

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Design:-

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Design has been made very attractive in which you get to see a sleek design which is very different from any other scooter, which makes this electric BMW scooter different from the rest. In this electric scooter of BMW, you get to see a completely flat seat, in this electric scooter you get the two wheels given in it, along with the ABS disc operating system, as well as the seat slightly protruding outwards, which gives it a different look. In this electric bike of BMW, you can see a flash digital headlight in front which is seen in two square shapes providing an attractive look.

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Price:-

If we talk about the price of BMW CE02 Electric Scooter, then this electric scooter has not been launched in the market yet. Only its prototype weight has been launched by the BMW company in one of its expo showrooms, on the basis of which the BMW company has Its fixed price has also not been disclosed, but based on the information received from the sources, the price of this electric new scooter of BMW starts from 7599 dollars, there may be some further increase in its prices, whereas if you are in India. If we live then the starting price of this BMW CE02 Electric Scooter is expected to start at a starting price of Rs 632000.

On the other hand, if you want to know the actual price of this new electric scooter of BMW, then for this you can get information about its actual price by visiting the official website of BMW or BMW electric scooter showroom.

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